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Luxury Cars for VIP's and Celebrities Confidential Service
powerful engined chauffeur cars with quattro four wheel drive and privacy glass or blinds
BBC Concierge pre-journey planning and high levels of discretion in our luxury chauffeur cars

VIP Car Service

Confidential Service & Discreet But Powerful Vehicles.​

Our VIP Chauffeur Driven Car Services have carried many Celebrities and VIP's to Airports, Hotels, Television & Film Studios, Filming Locations, Public Appearances and to Meetings and their Private Residences throughout the UK.

We are often called upon to provide this service at short notice, and our large fleet of BIG BLACK CARS is available at your disposal at any time to facilitate this. We know that you and your clients will have very specific requirements, and will appreciate our reliability, professionalism and the comfort and convenience that our cars' facilities will provide.

We will ensure that your VIP travel experience is discreet, comfortable and timely, and all of our cars have tinted windows or window blinds for your privacy. Your personal BIG BLACK CAR will be an upgraded Flagship 6.0 Litre W12 Audi A8 for smooth, effortless progress on your journey. 

Our VIP packages are fully tailored to each specific client's requirement but can include

- Pre-journey planning & reconnaissance
- Car is allocated solely to you & will always be close & ready
- Auto allocation of same car and chauffeur if required
- Full communication with car & chauffeur to ensure minute-   perfect arrival & collection
- BIG BLACK CARS Concierge service
A BBC Concierge can be provided in the front passenger seat position to ensure your speedy access into and from the car and a higher level of service than a single chauffeur. Particularly useful for red carpet events (passengers attended from both sides) or airport arrivals & departures we can meet you and assist with luggage whilst the car waits to collect you or drops you right to the door.

We are happy to sign any non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements that may be required prior to providing our services.

For all of your one-off or contract/longer term requirements please contact us using our priority email address or call our main office number or on-call mobile number and ask to speak to one of our Directors.

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