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Payments & Deposits

BIG BLACK CARS accept the following payment methods -

Cash, Cheque, BACS or Faster Bank Transfer, Internet Banking and also we accept Direct Debits, Credit  Card and Debit Card Payments using SquareUp, PayPal or GoCardless *.  Privacy Policy – We do not store credit card details nor do we share any customer details with any 3rd parties.

*Please note if using GoCardless it can take up to 10 days to be set up via your bank on initial use and then an additional 3-5 days for your payment to show through to our account. If you do not have this amount of time available prior to your journey then we would request that you use other forms of payment to ensure your booking.

For non-account customers please note that all monies must be processed and cleared at least 72 hours  (3 working days) in advance of the booking date.

*If any additional chargeable services such as additional waiting time or different destination are requested by the client or passenger then we will advise of additional costs & take payment in the vehicle using cash or debit/credit cards via Square prior to providing the additional service.

Regular Clients are welcome to open a monthly credit account with BIG BLACK CARS at no additional cost. Account Holders are given access to our on-line accounts centre and receive an emailed invoice following each completed booking, along with an on-line history of all bookings and payments which can be accessed  and downloaded at any time. Full details of each trip are given such as  who made the booking, any booking reference, passenger name, collection and destination addresses, and all journey costs and charges. Monthly account holders are sent a main statement/invoice at the end of each month.

*Payment terms for account holders are strictly 7/14/30 days from date of your main monthly statement/invoice - please note that late payment will incur a late payment charge of 5% of the total amount outstanding.

BIG BLACK CARS operate a Customer Loyalty Scheme which allows our regular customers discounts on a sliding scale against future bookings based upon their levels of patronage. More details are available by contacting the office , and will automatically be provided to regular customers after their third booking is completed.



BIG BLACK CARS raises an invoice for the required amount and you simply pay on-line via the PayPal link sent.

This will automatically advise us of your payment through our on-line system and issue a receipt back to you to acknowledge the payment. We also have the ability to take payments in the cars with a hand held card machine using PayPal by card swiping or contactless payments.

Square / SquareUp


Square is a mobile payment system & portal that accepts most major cards & which our drivers use connected to their BIG BLACK CARS mobile phone. 

MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Google Pay, Android & Apple Pay are all accepted.

*Customer confirms transaction by using tap to pay or by pin input using our Square card readers. We can also accept and process cardholder not present transactions via our office using Square Virtual Terminal.



BIG BLACK CARS raises an invoice for the required amount and you pay on-line via the GoCardless link sent.
We can also set up a recurring payment plan and collect funds automatically, to a pre-agreed limit.
Ideal for large or recurring payments.
Backed by the Direct Debit guarantee.

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