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Other Services from Big Black Cars.

We are delighted to be able to offer our clients and customers the following services in addition to providing you and your business with BIG BLACK CARS.

Each of these additional services have arisen from requests from our customers to provide these additional services to complement our Executive Chauffeur Car offering. If you would like more information or a quotation for any of these services then please call us or complete our contact form, or feel free to drop us an email with more details to 

Car Valeting Services


Here at BIG BLACK CARS we are experts at valeting our cars, so it wasn't long before some of our clients and customers were asking if we would consider valeting their cars for them too!​

We offer the following options -

- BBC Quick-Valet    (clean/wash/polish/vac/windows)

- BBC Quick-Valet+  (as above plus engine & chassis clean)

- BBC Full Valet       (adds full internal clean/valet/treat)

- BBC Full Valet+     (as above plus engine & chassis clean)

- BBC Full Detail+    (adds paint correction)

We can collect your car and return it for you or drop you off and collect you when your car is ready if you prefer.


For more details on each service please contact us today! 

Same-Day Courier Services


BIG BLACK CARS deals with many Business Customers, Directors and Executives in the course of operating our business and had been asked many times if we provided a bespoke same-day courier service, so we have now provided this additional service.

Contact us for a quote at anytime for your same-day urgent package courier requirements*

*Please note that BIG BLACK CARS do not provide any other courier services apart from same-day urgent deliveries of small consignments that will fit in our Audi Estate Cars. BIG BLACK CARS are fully insured for Goods-In-Transit courier work

Intake Manifold Service & Repair


BBC's qualified mechanics at our workshops are able to offer a specialized Cleaning, Servicing and Repair process for 32 valve and 40 valve V8 Engine intake manifolds. Helps restore lost torque and improve horsepower, frees up stuck manifold flaps and restores their correct function.


- Full strip down and mild acid bath

- Degrease oil breather system
- Repair intake flap system
- Replace internal lubrication seals for flaps
- New "O" rings

- Manifolds are then fully re-assembled and Vac tested 

- Normally a 7 working day turn-around.

Please enquire using our contact form

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